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We understand moving from another country to the UK to work is a big step. If you have any questions then we are here to help - before and after your placement.

Some useful tips and links are given below.

Permits and registration

Working in the UK.

These guides to living in the UK offers a broad range of practical advice:

The National Agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide can be found here:

All about tax and benefits

Finding somewhere to live.

You will often be asked for a damage deposit and one month rental payment in advance. As a rough guide you should expect to pay around £75 per week for a single room and £95 for a double in a shared house, but that may be all inclusive with no further bills to pay. You can sometimes negotiate the deposit amount. As a rough guide to housing costs, a flat will cost from £400-600 per month, a house £500-800. Don't forget to add the cost of utilities and council tax etc!


Public transport.

Cost of living.

The UK has a number of major supermarkets including: (UK's largest)

For general price comparisons take a look at


An account will be opened for you by EU Recruitment Link Ltd if you request it.

National Insurance.

DDH Recruitment Ltd will arrange an interview with the UK job centre if you request it and your number will be given some weeks later.


You will need to register with a local doctor (GP) as soon as you can; further information can be found on the National Health Service web site.

This site offers information about the European Health Insurance Card.

Health and Safety (at work).

This site - Working in Great Britain from overseas - offers guidance about health and safety in the workplace.


Please ensure you have enough money to live on during your time in the UK before you get paid. UK employers are not used to paying in advance and it will not make a good impression to ask. Please bear in mind that there are some cultural differences and your new boss will expect you to do things the way he wants them done. Some people say that the UK is expensive but it is important to compare the taxation system and rate of pay before deciding if that really is the case.

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